about signis gps


Our company was founded with 90+ years of combined criminal justice experience. This vast knowledge enables our team to create solutions that simplify monitoring. We started with one single goal before us: Improve GPS Monitoring across the industry’s full spectrum.

Whether providing individual customer services, turnkey program operations, or simply supplying needed equipment, training, and monitoring, Signis GPS uses uniquely qualified technology to assist with any electronic monitoring all of your company’s needs.


Signis GPS (Signis) has been providing solutions specific to corrections for over 20 years, monitoring pre-trial and post-trial participants as well as those in custody through various agencies working with both adults and juveniles. The Signis ONE platform is a powerful and complete community supervision solution that includes a suite of comprehensive compliance modules, which can be implemented individually or as a complete solution with no geographical restrictions.

Our technology has evolved as a direct result of feedback from officers in the field and participants on the program, and as a result, Signis offers the latest in technology to resolve the challenges in all aspects of community corrections. Signis offers probation departments, correction agencies, and sheriff’s departments nationwide a broad menu of supervision solutions, including multiple forms of location-based services, curfew management, self-reporting, drug and alcohol testing, custom notifications, interactive facial or voice verification, case management, travel pass request mobile app capability, and soon-to-be-released artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and more.



signis gps premium technology



Signis GPS provides comprehensive data reporting and tracking history that will allow you to view all your devices 24 hours a day.

signis gps mobility



We use a small GPS tracking device that will allow you to manage more efficiently and monitor assets.

signis gps dependable



Signis GPS tracking is up 24/7 to easily identify and track the key indicators that matter most to your business.


Our GPS tracking systems provide companies with the insight to track your employees and manage and track assets in the field. Signis GPS tracking solutions are designed to grow with your business.

  • Correctional and pre-trial offenders
  • House arrest cases
  • Private security personnel
  • Military personnel
  • Government officials
  • Health and Wellness patients
  • Hospitals and clinics

  •  Gas and oil industry
  • Mining operations Professional
  • Collegiate athletes
  • Utility company personnel
  • Armored transport industry
  • Secure cargo transport
  • Agricultural operations personnel

  • Livestock management staff
  • Solar farming and collection
  • Construction contractors
  • Service groups (i.e. delivery drivers)
  • Caretakers and chaperones
  • Family members

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