The Signis™ GPS Watch harnesses the industry’s most advanced technologies to reinvent the way offenders and assets are managed.

Signis GPS offers the latest in technology to resolve the challenges in all aspects of community corrections. Our technology offers probation departments, correction agencies, and police departments nationwide a large collection of supervision solutions with multiple forms of location-based services.

We use state-of-the-art technology to service our clients with a service that is unmatched. Our systems can continuously track offenders in real-time, identifying their movements and whereabouts by transmitting location information to monitoring centers and triangulating signals from satellites and cell towers.

Compass XR Rugged & Durable


The SIGNIS COMPASS XR+ is built to withstand various environments and abuse.

Made from high-impact materials that meet many standards including IP68 waterproof certification, outstanding dimensional stability, mechanical properties, and temperature range.


Easily activate or deactivate the SIGNIS COMPASS XR+ in the field using the Officer Mobile App by scanning the QR code on the watch screen.

This make a activating and deactivating the watch simple, fast, and efficient for the user. Once the watch status is changed, an alert can be sent to notify a supervisor of the change in monitoring status. Several other functions, such as fixed-location scans when a participant arrives at work, school, or any other location where arrival verification is necessary, can also be incorporated into the Officer Mobile App.

QR Activation


Keep your situation private. You don’t have to hide your ankles anymore. Stylish watch design is suitable for any environment even corporate.

Our devices look like smartwatches, so discretion is our main priority. It supports any language with interactive voice response and the ability to create self-reporting protocols.

Officer Mobile App

1.5 Inch Color LCD Display

Active Heart Rate Monitor

Send Notification via Text, Email, and Voicemail

Automated Interview Reminders

Offender Pay Solution

Wifi/ GPS/ Network

Long-Life Battery

Five-Star Waterproof Design

Induction Charging

Caseload Management System

QR Activation

Compass XR Watch Waterproof


Signis GPS Apps

Signis GPS Apps

Signis GPS Apps

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