Pre-Trial GPS Monitoring


What is Pre-Trial Monitoring

Pre-trial monitoring is exactly what it sounds like. Before you’re released on bail, you’re connected to a GPS unit. The unit is usually a bracelet that goes around your ankle. The bracelet is waterproof and shouldn’t hinder your range of motion in any way.

The purpose of pre-trial monitoring is so that the court knows where you are at all times. In most cases, the court doesn’t merely attach the ankle bracelet. In addition to putting the GPS monitor on you, they will also provide you with information that includes what times you are and aren’t allowed to be at home. Where you can and where you can’t go. If the pre-trial GPS monitor indicates that you violated the agreement, you’ll be arrested and it’s unlikely that you’ll be released until the charges filed against you have been resolved.

In some situations, pre-trial GPS monitors are used in combination with bail. In other situations, the monitors are used for situations where an individual is unable to get bail. The GPS monitor allows the person wearing it to continue working while they wait for the court to handle their case. Releasing people with a pre-trial monitor significantly reduces the strain the county’s budget is under.

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Who Qualifies for Pre-Trial Monitoring

Anyone can be required to wear a pre-trial GPS monitor. Usually, a judge will look at a few factors that include what the individual is charged with, if they have a criminal history, how strong a connection they have to the community. As a rule, judges only order GPS monitoring to be placed on individuals who have a history of failing to appear in court, are considered a flight risk, or if there’s concern that they’ll commit additional crimes while they’re out on bail.

How Long Do you Have to Wear a Pre-Trial Monitor?

The length of time you have to wear the pre-trial GPS monitor depends on how long it takes to resolve your case. If you strike a deal or instantly plead guilty, the monitor will likely be removed right away. If you decide that you want the case to go to a jury trial, you could have to wear the monitor for several months, possibly even a full year.

In most cases, the pre-trial GPS monitor is removed once the case closes, however, there are some situations where the judge may demand that you wear the monitor as a part of your sentence

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