Signis GPS platform


Signis GPS Platform is a powerful and complete supervision package that includes a suite of comprehensive compliance services, which can be implemented individually, or as a complete solution with no geographical restrictions.

By capturing the signals from satellites, GPS receivers are able to pinpoint your location. Our GPS receivers are able to convert location, speed, and time information into useful data.


The Signis™ GPS Watch harnesses the industry’s most advanced technologies to reinvent the way offenders and assets are managed.

Signis GPS offers the latest in technology to resolve the challenges in all aspects of community corrections. Our technology offers probation departments, correction agencies, and police departments nationwide a large collection of supervision solutions with multiple forms of location-based services.

Compass XR


Stylish GPS Watch Design

Keep your situation private. You don’t have to hide your ankles anymore. Stylish watch design is suitable for any environment even corporate.


Active GPS Operation

Advanced LTE/4G/3G Network

Durable Anti-Tamper Biometrics

Customizable Tracking Intervals

On Board Memory Storage

Supports Any Language

Interactive Voice Response

Ability to Create Self Reporting Protocols

Allows User to Pair Random Location Verifications Called “Quick Checks”

Allows User to Share Interview Schedule with Additional Entities

Officer Application

1.5 Inch Color LCD Display

Active Heart Rate Monitor

Two-Way Voice

Wifi/ GPS/ Network

Long-Life Battery

Five-Star Waterproof Design

Induction Charging


Signis GPS Apps

Signis GPS Apps

Signis GPS Apps

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