A Complete GPS Management & GPS Surveillance Solution

Signis GPS offers a market-ready managed solution for organizations that need to track persons of interest with advanced tracking devices. We utilize advanced GPS technology and software for a custom solution that allows Probation, Parole, Corrections Agencies, Health and Wellness, Oil and Gas & Private security monitor and immediately locates any enrollee.

Smart Technology

Smart Technology

By capturing the signals from satellites, GPS receivers are able to pinpoint your location. Our GPS receivers are able to convert location, speed, and time information into useful data.

House Arrest Monitoring

House Arrest Monitoring

Our house arrest monitoring allows you to instantly locate and communicate directly with a defendant or offender indoors using our high-end indoor base station.

Improve Fleet Productivity

Improve Fleet Productivity

Gain visibility into your fleet with live vehicle tracking and real-time weather and traffic data. Route optimization, performance analytics, and engine diagnostics help streamline your operations.


The Signis™ GPS Watch harnesses the industry’s most advanced technologies to reinvent the way offenders and assets are managed.

Signis GPS offers the latest in technology to resolve the challenges in all aspects of community corrections. Our technology offers probation departments, correction agencies, and police departments nationwide a large collection of supervision solutions with multiple forms of location-based services.

We use state-of-the-art technology to service our clients with a service that is unmatched. Our systems can continuously track offenders in real-time, identifying their movements and whereabouts by transmitting location information to monitoring centers and triangulating signals from satellites and cell towers.

Signis One Platform

Signis ONETM

The Signis ONE™ platform is a powerful and complete community supervision solution that includes a suite of comprehensive compliance modules, which can be implemented individually or as a complete solution with no geographical restrictions.

By capturing the signals from satellites, GPS receivers are able to pinpoint your location. Our GPS receivers are able to convert location, speed, and time information into useful data.


Signis’s Location Based Services (LBS) allows the user to verify a participant’s whereabouts using multifactor location verification technology.

The patent-pending SIGNIS COMPASS XR+ incorporates Wi-Fi, GPS, and Network location technology to increase location accuracy while enhancing battery life. The Signis Compass XR features an attractive tamperproof wrist watch with color display. The watch is also (water proof) and includes motion sensors, vibration alerts, messaging, heart rate and blood pressure detection.

The watch offers the ability to communicate with the participant by using twoway voice or electronic messaging. The watch also has a QR activation feature that allows for a convenient and effortless activation process for users in the field. The Signis Compass XR is managed through the SignisONETM total corrections platform designed for managing all services from one unified easy to use platform.

Signiss Location Based Services
Surety Management Service


Signis’s Surety Management Service (SMS) provides an electronic solution to surety companies for managing the powers they guarantee for their agencies.

The SMS service allows surety companies to easily import their inventory of powers in the Signis application. The surety company can assign those powers
to various agencies, and then continue to track the progress of those powers once they have been assigned. Surety companies can also utilize this service documents and manage licenses, appointments, and contracts per agency. The SMS service includes detailed settlement reports that aid the surety company in keeping track of agency balances as well as all other aspects of surety management.

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Signis GPS Watch

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Whether providing individual customer services, turnkey program operations, or simply supplying needed equipment, training and monitoring, Signis GPS uses uniquely qualified technology to assist with any electronic monitoring all of your company’s needs.