Does GPS Tracking Benefit Independent Florists and Plant Nurseries?


Does GPS Tracking Benefit Independent Florists and Plant Nurseries?

It’s easy to see how fuel/gasoline and delivery companies benefit from a GPS tracking service, but what about other types of businesses? If you own a florist shop and are wondering if you’re business would receive a boost from a GPS tracking service the answer is… that it depends on the size of your florist shop.

If you only have a small florist shop that has their flowers delivered, you probably won’t see any significant improvement from adding a GPS tracking service since it’s likely that the delivery service that brings your flowers to you already has a system in place to track their vehicles.

On the other hand, if you’re a florist, even one who owns a small shop, if you use a vehicle that belongs to your business to make deliveries, you will find that you benefit from the GPS service. All you have to do is attach the tracker to the delivery vehicle and you can monitor its progress and know exactly where it is at all times. This information allows you to accurately tell your customers how long they’ll have to wait for the delivery.

If you have a larger florist shop, or if you also operate a plant nursery, you’ll receive even more benefits from a reliable GPS tracking service.

You can use the service to identify where employees are and who is in the best position to fetch a specific plant for a customer.

You can equip each piece of mobile equipment, from shopping carts to forklifts with a GPS tracking device. This significantly reduces the amount of time you spend hunting for misplaced equipment.

If you have an employee who is traveling from one floral shop to another or who is working in an isolated area, you can use the GPS to make sure they’re where they’re supposed to be and safe.

If you have a large shop that requires employees to walk into a large greenhouse and retrieve a customer’s plant or floral arrangement, you’ll see a marked improvement in your shop’s customer service. By attaching a GPS tracker to the plant when the customer originally placed the order, the employee will be able to instantly see exactly where the order is and can tell the customer how many minutes it will take them to get it. No more lost time as employees hunt for misplaced orders and no more irritated customers who are tired of waiting so long.

Are you a florist who uses GPS tracking in your business? How has your business improved?