GPS Monitoring Services

Signis GPS monitoring

GPS Monitoring Services

Judges can order GPS monitoring for defendants who are released on bond or serving a sentence, or as a sanction for treatment to court participants. Also enforced on monitoring are strict restrictions, including house arrest, a curfew, or exclusion zones.

Signis GPS monitoring offers advanced 24-hour call center support for participant monitoring services in North America, South America & Asia. Signis Monitoring Specialists undergo rigorous training and certification for all systems and procedures


Electronic monitoring helps agencies worldwide monitor individuals in a safe, cost-effective, and efficient way. Signis GPS products assist supervising agents to monitor compliance for individuals released to community supervision or other industries that can be tailored to each individual’s risks and needs.

Signis GPS offers is a market-ready managed solution for organizations that need to track persons of interest with advanced tracking devices. We utilize advanced GPS technology and software for a custom solution that allows Probation, Parole, Corrections Agencies, Surety Bonding, Health and Wellness, Oil and Gas & Private security monitor and immediately locates any enrollee.

Our GPS monitoring systems are frequently requested by those looking for a way to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Not only are they a more affordable solution than some of the other monitoring systems on the market, but they also do not interfere with your life nearly as much as some others. They are designed to remain as comfortable and discrete as possible while still doing their job.

We want you to hold your head up high. Being arrested for something is a very dejecting feeling, but it does not mean that you have been completely defeated. You are a defendant who is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. You get to have your day in court and make your case. We want to allow you to retain your dignity and comfort from your own home while the courts take their time sorting it all out.

If you feel that our GPS monitoring devices could help in your case, please contact us for more details on all that we do.