GPS Tracking and Grocery Stores

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GPS Tracking and Grocery Stores

When people talk about GPS tracking and businesses most correctly assume the GPS trackers will be attached to vehicles. While there are several different ways that GPS trackers can improve fleet vehicle management, that’s only one way that GPS tracking can be used.

If you’re a member of the grocery industry, there are other things you can do with a reliable GPS tracking system that will help improve your bottom line.

There’s nothing that says GPS trackers can only be attached to fleet vehicles. A grocery store owner in Auckland, Australia fitted their grocery carts with GPS trackers and have been reaping the rewards ever since. The GPS trackers not only deter the theft of shopping carts, but the same trackers also make it easier for employees to locate the carts that aren’t put away and are scattered across the parking lot. The amount of time the GPS trackers save quickly pays for the system.

Piggly Wiggly recently revealed that it had also equipped some of the carts with GPS trackers. That superstore uses the trackers not just to find lost shopping carts, but to also gather what has otherwise been elusive information about shopping habits. Now, in addition to knowing what items are commonly purchased together, Piggly Wiggly can look at the GPS data collected by multiple shopping trackers and see the route shoppers took through the store, the areas where they spent the most time, and the places they went back to. Piggly Wiggle can use this information to rethink its sales points and create a better layout for its store.

GPS tracking can also help keep your employees safe, especially if they’re working outside, in the coolers, or unloading trucks by themselves. The GPS tracking system Signis provides is state of the art and provides real-time information about the employee’s exact location which can be useful if they’re hurt and need immediate medical attention.

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