GPS Tracking Improves Vehicle Fleets


GPS Tracking Improves Vehicle Fleets

It doesn’t matter if you’re business’s fleet consists of three vehicles or a hundred, GPS tracking is a huge asset to your business. A good GPS tracking system helps with almost every single aspect of fleet vehicle management including customer service, maintenance, and route planning. Once you incorporate GPS tracking into your fleet vehicle program, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Accurate Estimates

It doesn’t matter if you’re being asked how much it will cost to tow a vehicle or if a customer needs to know when a package will be delivered, GPS tracking makes the estimates you provide far more accurate than what they were before the GPS system. When you boot up the GPS, you can see exactly where the nearest fleet vehicle is or the precise location of the package. Accurate estimates are a great way to build a successful and long-term relationship with each of your clients.

Have Instant Real-Time Information About Shipping

If shipping is a part of your fleet vehicle system, you won’t believe how accurate and useable the information you gain from your GPS tracking system is. The GPS fleet tracking system provides you with so much instantaneous information that includes:

  • The ability to instantly locate the shipment’s exact location
  • The shipping history
  • Real-time updates on the shipment location
  • Potential delays the driver will encounter

If you’re on the receiving end of the shipment, knowing exactly when the shipment will arrive allows you to make sure you’re staff is ready to accept the shipment and put it away. Knowing the exact arrival time leaves your staff free to do other tasks rather than standing around waiting for the shipment to arrive. When the shipment is just a few minutes away, they can finish their current project and make their way to the unloading dock.

If you’re in charge of shipping to a client, the GPS tracking information makes it possible for them to have the package picked up, rather than having it sit on a doorstep where it attracts thieves.

Plan Better Routes

As long as your GPS tracking system is up to date, it will provide you with instant information about traffic accidents, construction sites, and other delays. Having all of this information at your fingertips allows you to lay out the best route for your fleet drivers to take. It also allows your fleet drivers to make instant route changes if an accident creates a slow down at an upcoming point of their route, allowing them to continue moving forward rather than simply sitting in traffic for hours.

Are you interested in improving the overall efficiency of your fleet vehicle program? Contact Signis GPS and learn how easy our GPS tracking system is to install and use.