Reduce Theft with GPS Tracking

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Reduce Theft with GPS Tracking

Everyone is always talking about how GPS tracking is great for shipping packages and monitoring fleet vehicles. What is seldom mentioned is how the same GPS tracking program can significantly reduce theft. For some businesses being able to reduce theft, particularly employee theft, can means a huge increase in their profit margin.

GPS Tracking Helps you Recover Expensive Items

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about an expensive piece of art, your favorite chainsaw, the forklift you use in the warehouse, or one of the vehicles in your fleet, you paid a great deal for your business assets. Having them stolen means dealing with finding a replacement, working with the insurance company to get the claim processed, and not being able to utilize the item as you go about your workday.

GPS tracking reduces the amount of aggravation and work hours you lose because of theft. When something goes missing, you can quickly look at the GPS signal and recover the item. The immediate recovery of the item significantly reduces the amount of aggravation you experience.

How GPS Tracking Reduces Theft

One of the things many business owners have noticed is that once they started using a GPS tracking system to keep an eye on their expensive business assets, there was a significant reduction in thefts. The reason for this is because once thieves understood that not only did the tracker mean the stolen goods would be found, but that it was likely that the tracker also increased the odds of the person who stole the item getting caught.

GPS Tracking is More Affordable than you Think

Many business owners are reluctant to consider GPS tracking because they’re afraid that the system will cost too much. In reality, the odds are pretty good that the GPS system will actually save your business money. Not only will the unit reduce time lost because you couldn’t work without the stolen item, shorten the amount of time it takes to figure out what happened and how to replace the item, but the trackers should also eventually lower your insurance premiums since you won’t have to files as many claims.

Businesses just like yours are already using GPS tracking and reporting a significant reduction in the amount of stealing they are experiencing. As the stress created by stolen equipment and tools decreases, productivity and profit margins are increasing.

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