GPS Tracking, Employees, and Ethics


GPS Tracking, Employees, and Ethics

An increasing number of businesses in a variety of industries are have fallen in love with GPS tracking. GPS tracking is used for monitoring bail bonds clients, quickly locating fleet vehicles, managing construction equipment, and even tracking shipments.

Businesses that have added GPS tracking to their system have been delighted with the results. Most report that the tracking has not only improved customer service but has also triggered a significant improvement in their annual profit margins. Many business owners have also stated that they feel the GPS tracking has also helped them create a safer work situation for their employees.

The problem is that while most employees don’t give GPS tracking a second thought, there have been some who feel that GPS tracking is a serious breach of ethics. They claim that it isn’t fair for employers to be monitoring their every move.

The good news is that there are some things that employers can do to bridge the gap between GPS tracking and ethical employee monitoring.

Let Your Employees Know About the GPS Tracking System

As tempting as it might be to keep the GPS tracking system secret, it’s not a good idea. Ethically, it’s a good idea to let your employees know that you are using a GPS system. By letting them know that the system is in place, you give them the option of continuing to work for you or looking for another employer who hasn’t yet implemented a GPS tracking system.

Let Your Employees Know that Your Tracking Equipment/Products Not Employees

While some employers do use GPS tracking to monitor employees, especially when the employee is working in an isolated area where their safety could be compromised, most actually use the GPS system on the vehicles and equipment that the employee uses. You aren’t monitoring your employees, you’re monitoring the equipment, packages, and vehicles they’re handling.

Assure your Employees You’re Not Tracking Their Phone

One of the biggest concerns many employees have when it comes to GPS tracking is that they will be monitored even when they aren’t working. It’s up to you to ease this concern. Make it very clear that you’re using an actual GPS device and not their cell phones to monitor things. Once your employee clocks out and is no longer using the monitored equipment, you are clueless about their movements.

If you’re considering using GPS tracking in the future, now is the best time to sit down and decide how you intend on dealing with the concerns some of your employees may raise once GPS monitoring becomes a part of their professional life. Call Signis GPS at (833) 744-6471 now.