Should Moving Companies Invest in GPS Tracking?

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Should Moving Companies Invest in GPS Tracking?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a moving company that does all the work for your clients, or if you’re a moving company that simply hires out a fleet of vehicles to clients, you will benefit from a GPS tracking service.

Perhaps the most important thing the GPS tracking service does is allow you to know exactly where you’re vehicle is every minute of the day. This is especially crucial when a client is driving one of your fleet trucks. Not only can you tell where the vehicle is, but its location and the speed that it’s traveling will help you determine if it’s being used and abused by the client.

Another way that moving companies with a fleet of vehicles benefit from GPS tracking is that it eliminates any disputes about how much mileage the client owes. Too often, clients try to lower the bill by saying that the records with the vehicle’s mileage are wrong and that the moving company tried is trying to scam them. GPS tracking eliminates the accusation altogether.

When a client tries to claim that the mileage listed on the invoice is wrong, all the truck owner has to do is pull up the detailed information from the tracking system. Not only will they be able to show exactly how many miles the client drove while they were in possession of the truck, but also what times they were in the vehicle, and even how fast they were going.

Moving Companies who handle driving not only reap the same benefits that the rental moving truck companies get but also a major additional benefit. One of the biggest things do-it-all moving companies struggle with is customers wanting to know how long before the truck with all their stuff in it will arrive at their new home. Now, when a customer calls, all the dispatcher must do is enter the GPS tracking program. They’ll see exactly where the truck is, how fast it’s moving, and be able to provide a satisfying ETA. If there is a delay, the dispatcher can quickly explain where and why the delay happened.

The great thing about having this information at the dispatcher’s fingertips is it eliminates the need to contact the driver, which is distracting and potentially dangerous.

GPS tracking services are a great addition to any moving company. Given all the benefits connected to the service, your moving company really can’t afford to not invest in GPS tracking.

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