Signis GPS Tracking Improves the Lives of Individuals who Have Been Diagnosed with Dementia


Signis GPS Tracking Improves the Lives of Individuals who Have Been Diagnosed with Dementia

Anyone who has cared for an individual who suffers from dementia knows that one of the biggest concerns is that the individual will wander off. Often, the person leaves home because a memory makes them think they need to do something important, such as pick up a child, get groceries, or even go to work.

The problem is that once the person has left the watchful eye of their caretaker and wandered a little too far, they not only forget where they originally intended to go but also how to get back to the place they just left. One of the devastating effects of dementia is that the person often doesn’t know or remember how to seek help or even stay in one place until help arrives. As a result, they continue to wander, often growing more confused as their situation becomes increasingly more dangerous.

In the past, anytime a caretaker had to step away from an individual with dementia, they often felt that the only way to ensure that the person they were caring for stayed safe was by locking them into a room or building. The problem with this solution was that it presented numerous safety concerns, including what would happen if there was a fire.

GPS tracking has proven to be a very successful solution to keeping tabs on dementia patients. The great thing about GPS trackers such as the system used by Signis is that they are comfortable, dignified, and accurate. Many dementia patients are perfectly happy wearing attractive watches that help them know what time it is as well as providing their caretakers with accurate information about the individual’s exact location.

Features that set Signis GPS monitoring devices apart from the competition include:

  • Active GPS Operation
  • Advanced LTE/4G/3G Network
  • Anti-Tamper Biometrics
  • Customizable Tracking Intervals
  • On-Board Memory Storage
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Self Reporting Protocols
  • Random Location Verifications


Signis GPS monitoring not only provides caretakers with some peace of mind, but the GPS watches our program uses also allows dementia patient to continue living with dignity. The watches eliminate the stigma attached to wearing ankle monitors, making it possible for dementia patients to feel that they are living a normal life. They no longer have to feel like they’re being treated like criminals because of a condition they have no control over.

Are you worried about a loved one who suffers from dementia wandering off and potentially getting lost? If so, contact Signis GPS today and how we’ll alleviate your concerns.