Signs it’s Time to Update Your GPS Tracking Service

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Signs it’s Time to Update Your GPS Tracking Service

GPS tracking is just like every other technology-based service. What was considered top of the line five years ago is already outdated and therefore underperforming. Recently, many business owners with fleet vehicles have discovered that their GPS system is no longer up to par.
Here are some signs that it’s time to consider revamping your current GPS tracking system and upgrading to a Signis GPS system.

You “Loose” Vehicles

The biggest sign that it’s time to shake up your current GPS tracking system is that you notice you’re “losing” or having vehicles drop off the system for a while before suddenly reappearing. This usually happens when some of the equipment has started to fail or because the tracking system simply hasn’t been updated in a long time.
If you aren’t able to pinpoint the location of every single vehicle in your fleet at all times, you should seriously consider making the change to a Signis system.

You’re Constantly Contacting Your GPS Provider About Results

You shouldn’t have to deal with daily, weekly, or even monthly issues connected to GPS tracking and your fleet vehicles. You shouldn’t have to expend energy worrying about whether the system is working or not. If you are routinely on the phone with your GPS tracking provider because the tracking equipment is breaking, the tracking is unreliable, or for other problems, it’s time to scrap your current system and replace it with a more reliable GPS system that’s provided by a company that provides outstanding customer service.

You Can Follow the Vehicles, But Aren’t Able to Connect with the Drivers

Safety is becoming an increasing concern got businesses. It’s no longer enough to know the exact location of your fleet vehicles. It’s also important to know that all the drivers in the vehicles are safe and well. The more remote areas you send your drivers into, the more important it becomes for that driver to be able to contact you if they get into trouble and for you to be able to send help to their exact location, even if they have parked the fleet vehicle and walked to a slightly different location.

A GPS system that your drivers can wear while they are away from their vehicles allows you to send medical emergency teams to the exact, real-time location of the driver rather than forcing the medical team to search the area which takes time and means your drivers are suffering.

Signis GPS system uses the most up-to-date technology. We provide constant upgrades. Once the system is installed, all you have to do is sit back and watch the tracking information, we take care of everything else.

Contact us and learn how we not only help you track your fleet vehicles but can also provide your employees with GPS tracking software that will keep them safe while they’re on remote and dangerous jobs.