4 Ways a SIGNIS GPS Monitoring Service Lowers Operating Costs for Oil Companies


4 Ways a SIGNIS GPS Monitoring Service Lowers Operating Costs for Oil Companies

A good GPS monitoring service does so much more than simply letting the manager of your oil company’s fleet vehicles keep track of the exact location of each vehicle. Within months of implementing the GPS monitoring service, you’ll see some remarkable improvement in your fleet vehicle management program. Each of these changes means helps you save money and boost’s your company’s overall profit margin.

Driver Behavior Improves

The first thing you’ll notice after setting up the GPS monitoring service is an overall improvement in driver improvement. The odds are pretty good that before drivers knew you were monitoring their vehicles, they did things like take the vehicles on side trips, frequently drove too fast or recklessly, and braked harder than you would have liked. All of this puts a great deal of additional wear and tear on your fleet vehicles.

Simply knowing that the GPS tracking system is attached to the vehicles encourages your drivers to drive better. Not only will they handle your fleet vehicles with more care, don’t be surprised if they do a better job about arriving at specific destinations and appointments on time.

You Can Operate on a Tighter Fuel Budget

The cost of fuel is a major expense. Equipping your fleet vehicles with a GPS monitoring system gives you a little more budget flexibility. The GPS system allows your vehicle manager to determine exactly how much fuel each vehicle actually uses in different driving conditions and make sure that the right vehicle is used for specific trips. The GPS system also makes planning the perfectly optimized route for the best fuel consumption easier.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The more you can reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your vehicle’s the better your bottom line looks. GPS monitoring allows you to reward gentle driving habits, better predict exactly when a vehicle needs work, and identify when a vehicle isn’t running as smoothly or efficiently as it usually does, indicating that it needs a repair.

The Entire Process Seems to Run Smoother

Perhaps the most amazing thing that happens once you start using a GPS monitoring system is that managing your fleet of vehicles becomes more streamlined. Your fleet vehicle manager will have a significantly easier time predicting when some of the vehicles will be down for maintenance, when some will be gone in the oil fields for a long period of time, and when vehicles will be available. All of this decreases driver downtime, reduces miscommunication issues, and improves the overall efficiencies of your fleet vehicle program.

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