GPS Monitoring Services for Bailers

GPS Monitoring Services

GPS Monitoring Services for Bailers

With GPS monitoring, you reduce the odds of a defendant absconding while on bail. When a defendant is a known flight risk, GPS monitoring can reduce the odds that they’ll run. And, even if they do decide to skip town on bail, you’ll be able to locate them right away with GPS monitoring.

Upon approval from the courts, SIGNIS GPS Monitoring Solutions can provide electronic monitoring services for defendants while released on bond. Monitoring services are administered using a Compass XR device, which consists of one ankle bracelet.

The utilization of GPS monitoring can provide the following benefits:

• The court may agree to a lower bail amount
• A defendant’s location can be tracked at all times
• A defendant can be confined to allotted areas,
• Allowing travel between home and work
• Auto-alerts are provided in the event of zone violations or device tampering
• Compliance reports can be provided for daily, weekly, or monthly activities
• Coverage area includes anywhere within the United States

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