GPS Tracking that Keeps up With the Demands of the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil And Gas Industry

GPS Tracking that Keeps up With the Demands of the Oil and Gas Industry

One of the problems oil and gas companies encounter is how to reliably track their fleet vehicles. One of the things that makes this process so difficult is that many of the areas the vehicles venture into are both remote and rugged. The conditions make it hard to maintain a reliable signal. There’s also a chance that the roughness of the terrain will damage the tracking device.

When you’re looking for GPS tracking solutions that meet the intense demands of the oil and gas company, there are several things you want to consider.


Your GPS tracking system won’t do you a great deal of good if you’re constantly losing the signal. You need a system that not only works in urban areas, but that also utilizes top-of-the-line technology that allows it to stay reliably connected even in the most remote areas your employees travel to. The connection should remain smooth and constant even when the GPS signal bounces from one satellite to the next.

Real-Time Information

While any data about the location of your oil and gas fleet vehicles is useful, ideally you want real-time results. Knowing where a vehicle was half an hour ago isn’t nearly as useful as knowing its exact location when you have a driver radio in that they need assistance. If you’re debating between two systems, always choose the GPS system that provides the most accurate real-time information.


It doesn’t matter if you’re using a GPS watch that allows you to pinpoint your employee’s exact location while they work with dangerous equipment or if you’re only monitoring the location of the vehicle, the GPS device you’ve invested in will take a beating. The device must be able to withstand all the abuse you subject it and still manages to provide you with the accurate information you need.

Lots of Information

Ideally, you want a GPS tracking system that provides a plethora of information. In addition to the exact location of your fleet vehicles, GPS technology has now reached a point where it can provide up-to-date information about how fast the vehicle is traveling, what the conditions are like, and provide additional information about the trip.

You won’t find a GPS tracking system that uses more up-to-date technology or better equipment than the Signis GPS Platform.

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