How Much Does GPS Monitoring Cost

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How Much Does GPS Monitoring Cost

Money is getting tighter and tighter for many people. At the same time, bail limits seem to be increasing and bail bonds agencies appear to be becoming more reluctant to offer their services. GPS monitoring services could be the perfect answer.

GPS monitoring for a bail program bears a strong resemblance to GPS monitoring for fleet vehicles.

The way it works is that the client agrees that wearing a GPS monitor will be a part of their bail condition. Once the client has agreed to wear the GPS monitor, the bail bonds service should be more willing to sign a contract.

The question many bail bonds agencies have is how much does GPS monitoring cost?
Yes, there are some additional expenses connected to the monitoring service. These expenses include the cost of the equipment needed to monitor the client as well as a subscription cost. Yes, this will increase the bail bonds agency’s initial operating costs but in the long run, it will help them save a great deal of money.

The first thing the GPS monitoring system does is allow the bail bonds agency to identify exactly where the client is on the day they’re supposed to appear in court. The agency can send a recovery agent directly to the client. The client can then be escorted directly to the courthouse. Not only does this reduce the worry that the client will become a failure to appear, but also means the agency doesn’t have to waste valuable time and resources trying to track down the client.

Since the GPS monitor allows the bail bonds agency to identify where clients are and decrease the number of failures to appears that the agency deals with each year, they’ll feel more comfortable writing bonds for additional clients, and even be willing to take a chance on high-risk clients. All this additional confidence will quickly lead to a significant increase in yearly revenue, and it’s all because the agency embraced GPS monitoring.

The GPS monitors are designed to be long-lasting, easy to use, reliable, and comfortable. It’s a win-win situation for both the bail bonds agency and local jails who will no longer be crowded with individuals who are waiting for their case to make its way into court.

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