The Police are Becoming Increasingly Reliant on GPS Tracking Systems

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The Police are Becoming Increasingly Reliant on GPS Tracking Systems

Many people don’t know that police department all over the country are becoming increasingly reliant on GPS tracking systems. Not only have the tracking systems shortened the amount of time it took to investigate a crime, but GPS tracking has also been a crucial aspect of closing cases that would have otherwise remained unsolved forever. Most police forces have reported that using GPS tracking software has helped them reduce yearly expenses.

There are many examples of how police departments all over the country are becoming increasingly reliant on GPS tracking software.

Creating Bait Programs

Once a Minneapolis police force got comfortable with the concept of GPS tracking software, they realized they could use it to deter grand theft auto crimes. The police department fitted several “bait vehicles” with GPS tracking units and left the vehicles in areas that had a high number of car thefts. They used the tracking system to arrest and convict the people who were unable to resist taking the vehicle. Once the local population realized what was happening, there was an immediate 60% decrease in grand theft auto cases.

Organizing Search Parties

Search parties are a regular part of police work. Evidence that’s found during these search parties is often a key component in cases. The problem with search parties is that they’re difficult to organize. Police departments have found that they can use GPS software to make specific areas are searched. Even more importantly, the GPS units allow the police department to quickly find and rescue anyone who might get into trouble during the search.

In addition to helping the police better organize and manage search parties, the GPS software has also helped police record exactly where they found key pieces of evidence. Having the exact coordinates of the find has sometimes been what sealed a conviction.

Improved Police Force Management

Police departments aren’t just using the GPS software to solve cases, they have also found that the GPS system also improves the overall efficiency of the police force. The GPS software shows exactly where officers are at specific times. This information helps ensure that the entire jurisdiction is covered instead of all available units monitoring a specific spot. It also helps dispatchers quickly and accurately send additional units to serve as a backup when required.

GPS monitoring has also helped identify which fleet vehicles need to be serviced and how the officers treat their units.

As GPS tracking software continues to improve, police departments will likely find additional and innovative methods for using the software so that it helps them protect and serve to the best of their ability.

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