Using GPS Monitoring to Secure Bail

GPS Electronic Monitoring

Using GPS Monitoring to Secure Bail

The sad reality is that there is a good chance that some of the people who contact a bail bonds business about securing bail don’t intend to make their court dates. If the person doesn’t show up, the bail bonds business is out of a lot of money.

In the past, this meant sending someone to retrieve the person who had jumped bail. While this experience was both time and cost expensive, it generated only marginal results and also created some liability headaches.

Bail bond companies have gotten into the habit of using collateral in an effort to encourage people to make their court dates. In some cases, this has worked, in others, it hasn’t. The simple reality is that some people were more concerned about losing their freedom than they were in saving their house or car. While the bail bond company gained an asset, it wasn’t always worth as much as they hoped and it usually meant additional expenses before they were able to liquidate it.

Bail bond release GPS monitoring is a reasonable solution. It could make it possible for the bail bond agency to take a chance on a person they would otherwise consider a high flight risk and turn away. Being able to take additional clients without having to worry about how to keep track of them and make sure they turn up for their court dates means higher revenues.

Bail bond release GPS monitoring is surprisingly simple and extremely cost-effective. It’s simply a GPS device that the client wears around their ankle while they’re out on bail. The GPS device doesn’t hamper the client in any way, but it does make it possible for you to find them if they fail to show up for court. If you do have to send someone to pick the individual up, they’ll know exactly where to go and what the best time to do so is. This reduces the amount of time and expense you needed to apprehend the missing client.

Bail bond release GPS monitoring is something you can ask high-risk clients to submit to and include in a clause of your bail bond contract. Once the client’s case has been closed, you can have the monitoring system removed.

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